My summer 2013 has covered the entire spectrum, end to end, with several pitstops along the way.  Family vacations are coming to an end, kids are about to go back to school, hopefully you guys are planning some training for your fall.  

What have you all been up to?  If you've been to a class and want to tell us about it, write it up, send it in, include a few SFW pics, and we'll get you on the wall.  

Encounter any craziness where your training came in handy, or left you wishing you had gotten more training?  Tell us about it!  

Need ideas for new courses of fire or drills for your next range date?  Have a drill that worked particularly well for remediating one of your bad habits?  I can go on if you need me to, the point is that a lot of you have something to offer that the membership would be interested in and benefit from, so let's hear it.  

I will be posting a few pistol classes for the fall, probably will be shorter 4 hour classes with a lower round count since ammo and time are extra expensive nowadays.  

We are also expecting to host a Tactical Vision class by Snipercraft this fall sometime if we can work out some details.  Any thoughts?

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