I got to spend the day attending Kim Heath's Rifle 104 class for seven hours of trigger time and quality instruction.

We began by firing single rounds downrange and then taking a step back to warm up.  We then moved on to lateral movement drills as standing still while shooting should feel ackward to police officers.  Then it was on to malfunction clearing drills, transitioning from rifle to pistol, shown some alternative ways to hold the rifle, did some weak hand shooting with both pistol and rifle, and drilled movement and shooting from behind barricades. 

The day ended with bringing all we drilled together in a friendly timed shooting competition from the twenty five yard line of shooting from behind barricades while clearing malfunctions and moving. This was won by a shooter recently back from Iraq with a perfect run. But as the instructors stated at the beginning of the class, you don't have to be better then the guy beside you, but you should be better then yourself when you came in today.

I know I was.

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Comment by Karen Bartuch on April 9, 2012 at 3:36pm

Thanks again Kim and thank you Ken for blogging/feedback! Range time is always a good thing. I love the note about being better than when you started that day, very true. I know I am slways eager to be the best instantly and clearly that is not working for me, baby steps people.

Comment by Kim Heath on April 6, 2012 at 10:21am
Sincere thanks for the feedback Ken. Look forward to seeing you guys in July!


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