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Unless you are Starla from Napoleon Dynamite, pull-ups pretty much suck for women. My original plan for this installment of Fight Like a Girl was to research the anatomical differences that account for the upper body strength disparities among men and women but then I though…who gives a crap? If you are a police officer, the bad guy certainly doesn’t care if you stand up or sit down when you piss. The same goes for the enemies our military females encounter (unless it’s to increase antipathy to an even higher level). Pull-ups are not insurmountable, they just require concentrated effort.

Here are a few tips on how to begin. No matter what your fitness level, these should help. There’s no reason you can’t own those effin pull-ups, woman.

First, do not accept failure. Certainly do not automatically dismiss the possibility of ever being able to do a pull-up or several, for that matter. I speak from experience on this. I went from the ability to do precisely ZERO pull-ups to unassisted double-digit reps. Aside from the added strength that pull-ups offer, you will see an aesthetic benefit as well. A more toned upper body is an extra bonus that happens fairly quickly.

Find out how to own those effin' pull-ups here:

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