It's a Knife Kind of Day By Kim Heath

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I used to work in an outdoor gear store that sold knives and I became particularly fond of a piece by William Henry.  It had a carbon fiber handlethat fit my hand well, and a blade that was razor sharp.  The shape of the blade was a little bit wider than normal.  It could cut me out of most anything I’d get myself in to and spread peanut butter when I was camping. 

My knife priorities have changed slightly over the last 14 years and I no longer mix business and pleasure in the same knife.  If you did a survey of carry knives on an average Police Department, you would find every shape and size, automatic, spring assist, and fixed blade, but the most popular option would be the tactical black with gun manufacturer logo that they bought for $29.99 at a local uniform store. One thing that amazes me is the majority of pocket knives that cops carry have to be turned around before they can be opened.  What sense does that make?  That’s okay if it is the knife you use as a tool, or for spreading peanut butter, but it is unacceptable if it is the knife you will go to when your pistol is out of play. 

You wouldn’t use a holster that secured your pistol upside down, or carry a pistol that had a safety on muzzle end of the slide that you had to disengage before you could grip and shoot, so why carry a knife that does not truly fit the task at hand?

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