I’m into Week 8 of Crossfit Delaware Valley’s “SOS” Challenge.  At the beginning of the challenge, we were to pick our habits for the 10 weeks.  Mine include eating real food, exercising regularly, limiting carbs and sugar.  The next habit I picked was Stress Management.  “Give yourself one hour of ‘Me Time’ per day.”


When I picked this habit, I figured it would be an easy one to accomplish.  One hour of “me” time?  No problem!  YAY ME TIME!!!  One hour of nothing to do but focus on ME!!   Easy, right?


This habit is NOT as easy as I thought it would be.  My workouts don’t count, and this habit started on my busiest work week.   I’ve always been one for crappy timing.  Five out of seven days this week Iwas on my regular 12 hour daywork shift (7AM-7PM).  So here was my week:  Monday work plus a civilian firearms class (home at 11PM), Tuesday work plus an overtime detail (home at 11:30), Wednesday off, Thursday SWAT Training until 4PM and CrossFit, Friday work, Saturday work then CFDV Homecoming Dance, Sunday work and make up workout.  Plus all the other life stuff that gets in the way: cooking real food, making sure uniforms are ready, spending time with the hubby (I think that’s the guy on the couch playing Xbox ) and the “kids” (our two 80-pound furry babies). Oh and did I mention our house is a complete mess because we’re having major work done? Where the heck and I squeeze an hour in for me? Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines, the stressing over Stress Management has begun…


Of course, I started over-thinking this whole habit.  Does an hour of facebook count?  How about reading paleo and CrossFit blogs?  Driving home after my shift and workout with no radio on, just enjoying the fact I don’t have to hear the sound of any human voice for 30 minutes? Does that count?  Isn’t stressing out over not getting your Stress Management points defeating the purpose, so if I’m forcing my “Me Time” and stressing over it, how can that count?  Why the heck did I pick this stupid habit, I work with stress all the time, I LIVE AND EAT stress, even though it’s NOT PALEO!!!


Whoa. Wait. Hold on…TIME OUT!!!


For a second, I had to let “work mode” take over.   When chaos is all around, keep your head on straight and figure out the best solution to the problem.  Look at the big picture and figure out how to make things work. Improvise.


I decided if it’s a “have to”, then no go. Even though I love to cook, I have to cook to meet the requirements of the challenge, so it doesn’t count.  If it’s a “want to”, then I’ll count it towards my “Me Time”.  I want to read the blogs and keep inspired throughout the challenge and beyond.   So far this has worked for me, and even though I didn’t get my point for Tuesday, I’m not stressing about it.

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