WTA WOD for 11/10/11 is 20 pistol presentations from the holster. Put your duty rig on, yes you can do this in just your drawers and boots if you so desire, unload your pistol and put all ammo/mags in the other room. Begin in whatever stance you usually find yourself in, unsecure the pistol and get a good grip in the holster, high on the tang, draw, present the pistol, focus on front sight, follow bad guy down to ground, scan your 360, reholster. This exercise is about getting the pistol out of the holster with an effective, tight grip, quickly, and not fumbling to get the pistol out of the holster, or readjusting your grip on the way to the threat. Most people don't realize just how quickly they can get on target until they push themselves into the realm of the ugly, then slow down a little a little make it smooth. This drill is not about trigger pull. If you choose to dry fire, please do so at body armor, hanging on the door, propped in a chair, etc., and press check. The goal is to develop a relationship between you, your pistol, and the holster, like a 27 jewel swiss watch movement...smooth.

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