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WTA Member, Detective Jennifer DePastors, Hunts Down One of “The World’s Most Wanted”

Des Plaines PD Detective Jennifer DePastors talks about her career in law enforcement and a case she has been working since 1999 - a case of a brutal rape and homicide where the offender still walks free – in the streets of Chicago. America's Most Wanted has stepped in to help find this a-hole.

Read about Detective DePastor's personal journey and her…


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Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course

WTA Members,

I have several slots available for a Combat Lifesaver course held in Springfield June 18 - 20, 2012.  The CLS is an advanced …

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Own Those Effin' Pull-ups, Woman!

Reposted from www.BoloReport.com

Unless you are Starla from Napoleon Dynamite, pull-ups pretty much suck for women. My original plan for this installment of Fight Like a Girl was to research the anatomical differences that account for the upper body strength disparities among men and women but then I though…who gives a crap? If you are a police officer, the bad guy certainly doesn’t care if you stand up or sit down when…


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It's a Knife Kind of Day By Kim Heath

Blog reposted from BOLOREPORT.com:

I used to work in an outdoor gear store that sold knives and I became particularly fond of a piece by William Henry.  It had a carbon fiber handle that fit my hand well, and a blade that was razor sharp.  The shape of the blade was a little bit wider than normal.  It could cut me out of most anything I’d get…


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One Soldier’s Ability to Adapt and Overcome

Although he is most famous for shaking his bum on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars; J. R. Martinez is much more than a dancer. He spoke at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on Feb. 21.; I was honored to hear his story firsthand. As the entire audience hung on his every word, J.R. laughed and joked about the deepest darkest times in his life and how helping others helped to save…


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There is a New Running Shoe in Town: Women’s UA Charge RC Running Shoe

I admit it; I had a prejudice - a prejudice against running shoes. I only wore Nike. I had previously tried all other brands: Adidas, New Balance, Saucony - you name it, I had owned it at one point. For the longest time, Nike was the most comfortable and best choice for my super sweaty “grandma” feet (no offense against grandmas – I love grandmas).




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Lipstick Bullet Tees

These tees are ONLY available until 01 Feb 2012! THEY WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERED AFTER THAT DATE. You can order yours here:


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Deb Robinson: Woman Marine, Wrestling Coach, Investigator, Mother, Pioneer.

As much as I love the WTA for allowing me to shoot regularly, bust down doors and occasionally blow things up; I love it most because of the people I get to meet. One woman in particular really stands out: Deb Robinson. I had the pleasure of meeting Deb in November 2010 at 5.11’s women’s product development meeting.

For the last 20 years Deb has been an Infant Death…


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Magnum Boots USA 12 Days of Christmas!

Check out this great contest from Magnum Boots USA! On the 8th day of Christmas, tactical Santa gave to me...8 WTA SHIRTS!!! See contest rules below and enter now! Check Magnum's facebook page for more contests. 

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Our latest gun inspired design, GUN LOVE!

Purchase items with this logo in our cafepress store at: http://www.cafepress.com/womenstactical!!!

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Bolo Report Blog

My good friend and WTA member, David Reeder, has created his own web site: www.BOLOREPORT.com.

The BOLO Report is designed for law enforcement, military and other security/tactical professionals On The Job, in service or in some other way out on the sharp end. BOLO, as in “Be On the Look Out”. It will advise, inform and discuss such issues as officer safety, TTPs,…


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AdeQ Firearms Company Tactical Rifle Survey

Hi Everyone,
While at this year's National Tactical Officer's Association (NTOA) conference I met the crew from AdeQ Firearms Co. in Florida. They are looking to customize weapons for the female shooter starting with tactical rifles. Attached is a survey they have created for our female members, sorry guys! Please complete the survey with as much detail as possible and return to Chris at: chris@adeqfirearms.com.…

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner. WEEK 1 Winners for the GET FIT FOR FALL CHALLENGE:

UA 50% off Discount coupons:

- Katie Connolly-Staffelbach

- Yuri Alvarez- Lisa Brennan

- Alexandra Griffeth

- Shauna McCann

- Ruth Wedster

- Daina Carauskas

- Adriana Culmone

- Tracie Torch-Bennett

MuscleMilk Prize Pack Winner for Week 1:

- Katie Connolly-Staffelbach



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Officer.com Radio Interview with Karen Bartuch

Hello Everyone,

I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Borelli from officer.com at the NTOA conference. Today (06 Oct 11), Frank invited me to speak on his radio show on a segment about women in law enforcement. You can listen to the podcast here:…


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WTA Get Fit For Fall Challenge

Normally we are all scrambling as summer approaches to have our best beach bikini bodies. When Fall weather hits, it is easy to forget about eating healthy and procrastinate on those workouts, since we are adding extra layers of clothes and swimsuits are tucked away never to be seen again for a few months. Then the holidays hit and forget…


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WTA Glock Giveaway! Winners!!!

Here are all of the winners from our raffle! Thank you for supporting our organization and for being a part of it. BIG thanks to all of the vendors for their generous donations. If your name is on the list and we haven't contacted you already, we will in the next few days. 
  • GLOCK Gen 4                                                  Lawrence Lujan
  • WTT Jacket/T-shirt/ patch $325.00 value           Jeff Gierczak
  • Magnum Boots                                  …

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WTA Glock Giveaway!

2011 WTA Raffle

Tickets are $5 each

Winners will be picked on 31 August 2011


Top Prize: Gen 4 Glock Pistol


Other prizes that will be drawn in random sequence:

  • 5.11 Light for Life Flashlight
  • Magnum 8.1 Spider Boot (certificate, mail in for your size)
  • Streamlight TLR-2 Pistol Mounted Light
  • Triple Aught Design Valkerie Hoodie
  • Triple Aught Design Artemis Jacket
  • Leopould…

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We are looking to host an "Introduction to Shotgun" course in the next month or two. It would be helpful to know how many of you are interested and whether or not you own your own shotgun. The course would be held at the Joliet range and we can do a 4 hour or 8 hour block. Any feedback is much appreciated!

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GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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