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Female EP Agents

Good morning,

I am soliciting interest in a female EP detail scheduled for January/February.  If you have EP experience, are LE, former LE, SRT or in a tactical specialty assignment and are interested please contact me at RAIDERTACTICAL@AOL.COM.  A resume would be required.

Thank you,

Julia Valencia




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Shot Show 2017 Sig Sauer range day

The pre-Shot Show excitement kicked off today with an top-notch invite only range day by Sig-Sauer.  It was held at the Clark County Shooting Park which is quite the spectacle in and of itself.  Next time you are in Vegas, I recommend you take the time to drive out there and see it.  The Clark County range is to shooters what the Bonzai Pipeline is to surfers.  The focus of this year's event was Sig's suppressor line.  They cover the whole 9 yards, from titanium to inconel steel, .22lr to…


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Tactical Blind Spots by Deane Marrs

Tactical Blind Spots

Don’t ignore gaps in your self-defense training

September 24, 2016        |         By Deane R. Marrs


In a previous article (‘Don’t Just Do…Become’ – Sept. 2016), I suggested…


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Don't Just Do...Become by Deane Marrs

Don’t Just Do …. BECOME

Training without focus is not training                                                                                                    

September 7, 2016        |         By Deane R. Marrs        


During a recent church homily, our priest said a…


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New Book Released by Retired CPD Gang Specialist

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make an announcement that my new book a true crime memoir, "Chicago Street Cop", is available for purchase. 

Information on the book can be viewed at…


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This intensive fast paced five day course was designed specifically for Female Law Enforcement Officers. Officer survival training should not be one size fits all. Female officers have different training and survival needs than their male  counterparts. The student’s mental and mechanical skills will…


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Eotech Vudu 1-6x Precision Rifle Scope

Shot Show 2016 Media Range Session brought new products in every facet of all that is cool to the market.  One of the stand outs was a new Vudu 1-6x AR PRS(Precision Rifle Scope) from Eotech.  

When the rep began to outline the scope's features, he indicated that it was first focal plane, which I usually don't care for on a Patrol Rifle.  I prefer…


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"CQB Fight to Pistol" - FREE Primer Class on 8/15

Come out to Frankfort on Saturday August 15th to check out the new 'Lande Ranch' classroom and range and to attend a FREE empty-hand self-defense class!

Marrs Tactical Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Randel and Lande Defensive Solutions to provide a unique blend of self-defense training opportunities.

This free class is our way of saying 'Welcome to the Lande Ranch' and to introduce Derek Randel and Brad…


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Women-Only Pistol Defense Tactics Course - "Close Range Personal Defense Phase 1"

Marrs Tactical Solutions, Inc. is hosting a Women-Only offering of 'Close Range Personal Defense - Phase 1' on Saturday, September 19th.  It will be located at the 'Lande Ranch', a new private classroom and open range in Frankfort.

If you or someone you know would be interested in a non-LE 'from the holster' pistol defense tactics course, this class may be a great choice.  Please see the attached flyer…


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Groundhog Day and The Big Picture

A close friend of mine asked me to proof read an email the other day.  It was an email that was much like many other emails he has written, but what made this one different for me, was that it made me ask an all important question.  Why does this circle of people keep repeating this particular conversation?  It was as though they were trying to convince each other things they already knew, things that are held to be truths amongst our professional and personal circles.  I finally…


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Sniper Girl patches in subdued camo!!

Now available in subdued camo!!

3.5 x 1.75 in 3D PVC patch with hook velcro backing $10 plus $3 for shipping.  Buy 2 for…


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Women's Woolrich Elite Low Rise Tactical Pants only $39.99!

The folks at Rogue Elite reached out recently and are offering women's Woolrich Elite Low Rise pants to WTA members for $39.99.  That's $20 off the regular price of $59.99.  Check out and enter coupon code LOW20 at checkout.  Rogue Elite has an $8 flat shipping fee to the lower 48 states, and free shipping on all orders over $150 to the lower 48 as well. There is no…


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Tactical gloves for women.

I finally found a pair of hard knuckle gloves that fit my hand, the Patrolman by Mayhem/Intersport group.  You can check them out here.   I will post an in depth review once I have had them longer and can attest to durability, etc.  If you are female LE and are having difficulty finding gloves that fit, post a comment to this blog post and I will forward it to my glove contacts.  See if we can…


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Women's Shooting Skills Class.

Will County Sheriff's Police will be hosting a Women's Shooting Skills Class open to active LE women, through Tri-River Training.  Class is free to member agencies, register with Tri-River at (815) 630-5212.  Class focuses on close quarter pistol skills, speed and accuracy.  Class description is below. 

Tri-River Police Training Region - MTU 16

Shooting Skills for the Woman Officer

Will County Sheriff’s Range & Training Facility

2402 Laraway Rd.,…


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Henk Iverson Advanced Concealed Carry class October 25, 26, 2013

Henk Iverson's Advanced Concealed Carry class incorporated elements from four of his six CQB Pistol levels, only the idea was that you were using your EDC pistol and were drawing from concealment.  It was cold out those two days, which was a good learning experience.  Drawing from concealment with multiple layers on in cold weather is something most people that carry concealed…


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The much maligned “Sul” position - by John Marrs

Ever since it hit the scene, the Sul position has evoked impassioned arguments either for or against it.  Ask a room full of tactical types what they think about it and the responses for and against will be given with almost a religious zeal.  It kind of reminds me of the 9mm vs. 45acp debates of old.

Most people I’ve spoken to who are opposed to using Sul have a misunderstanding of what it is. They demean it as not being a good ready…


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Security contract opportunity in Israel.

Triple Canopy is seeking Fixed Site Guards for immediate entry-level openings at our location in Israel. In this role you will be responsible for safeguarding and protecting US government property in support of a classified program. Each Fixed Site Guard is a part of a dynamic team of protective services professionals.

In this role you will:


  • Protect government equipment and…

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Women and Shooting: What Are You Doing to Improve?

My latest on

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Show us your summer!

My summer 2013 has covered the entire spectrum, end to end, with several pitstops along the way.  Family vacations are coming to an end, kids are about to go back to school, hopefully you guys are planning some training for your fall.  

What have you all been up to?  If you've been to a class and want to tell us about it, write it up, send it in, include a few SFW pics, and we'll get you on the wall.  

Encounter any craziness where your training came in handy,…


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Tracking Class with Greenside Training, LLC

This past May, I was invited to attend a tracking class by my friend Dave Reeder.  It was going to be held near Phoenix, Arizona and taught by a gentleman named Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training, LLC.  I’ve never tracked, I’ve never been to Arizona, I love heat, and can think of several bad guys who got away over the years because there’s never a witness when you need one, and I had no idea which way they went.…


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