Hello everyone and welcome back to the Women’s Tactical Association Workout of the Week.  We are going to switch gears and start working with our rifles.  If you don’t have a rifle, feel free to follow along with your shotgun. 

Make sure your rifle is unloaded first.  I’m a big fan of the CBD, Chamber Blocking Device.  It does just that, and gives an excellent visual indicator to everyone else around that your chamber is blocked.  When you want it out, you just yank it out, no other manipulation required.  Lock your bolt back and get yourself to a place with enough light so you can actually see inside your chamber.  Don’t just pull your bolt back look into the darkness that is your chamber, and because nothing screams out to you that it is there, assume that it is empty.  You actually need to see INTO the chamber, so get a  flashlight, or up close to a lamp, and look IN the chamber.  Once you have visually inspected your chamber, insert your CBD into the chamber to make double sure.  Once you are sure, insert your CBD into the chamber and let the bolt come forward.  

For this week’s workout, we are going to explore the phrase, “Smooth is fast.”  Smooth is faster than choppy, but smooth does not actually become fast until you practice to make it fast.  Otherwise, you are just smooth.  When tenths of a second count, the difference can mean life or death.  

The goal here is to get your front sight on target as fast as possible.  You will probably find that when you first start going faster, from either a traditional “low hunt”, or CQB style “flat stock” position, that you bring your muzzle up a little too high and have to bring your muzzle back down to be on target.  It will probably only take a hand full of reps before you get the hang of it.  Your hammer should be cocked because your bolt started out locked back, so you should be able to cycle your safety on and off as you present and retract your rifle.  Muzzle on to target and safety off at the same time, sight picture.  Get your muzzle on target FAST.  Muzzle on to target and safety off at the same time, sight picture, retract, breathe, check 360, safety back on.  Repeat.  Muzzle on to target and safety off at the same time, sight picture, breathe, retract, check 360, safety back on. 

When shooters practice getting on to target faster with a pistol, they try to save time by skipping the part where you press the pistol down into the holster to establish a grip before pulling it up and out of the holster.  The idea is not to sacrifice anything that is present when being smooth, it is to do all the same stuff, just a whole lot faster.  The same things plays out with rifles.  Shooters get their muzzle on target faster and faster, but forget about the firm grip part and the rifle is kind of floating.  Once you are getting your muzzle on target faster, make sure it is on target and still pressed back against your shoulder.  Repeat.

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