WOD begins as do all WODs, with a safety check.  Make sure you unload your pistol, physically check your chamber, press check in good light, look away, press check again.  Put ALL of your ammo and magazines in another room, and properly situate your body armor so you can dry fire at it, over a chair, on a hanger, etc.  One more press check, please.  The focus of this WOD is going to be your front sight.  You will draw and aim at your threat, picking up your front sight about half way there, finger on the trigger, and once you are on target(threat), with good sight alignment, press the trigger nice and smooth, get a second sight picture, finger off the trigger as you follow your bad guy to the ground, retract your pistol to a "retracted ready", or "under chin" position, and check your 360.  Retracted ready is from a position with your arms extended and muzzle on target, just bend your elbows and put your biceps against your ribcage, with your muzzle still on target.  Glock shooters, reset your trigger(pull back about a half inch on your slide to reset your trigger), and repeat.  This is something I struggle with and need to constantly practice.  If I don't practice this regularly, I find myself waiting until my arms are fully extended and my sights are on target to switch my focus from the threat to the front sight, and that is a waste of time.    

The key points here are to get your muzzle on the threat ASAP and push straight out.  Don't point your muzzle at the threat's feet and swing up, or push up and "over the rainbow", having to come back down on to the threat.  Draw your pistol out of the holster, and bring it up, right about chest level with the muzzle already pointed at the threat, your hands will meet, and push straight out to the threat.  Don't wait until the pistol is all the way out with your arms extended to switch your focus to the front sight.  


Reholster, and repeat as necessary. 

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