WOD 11/29/11


I have decided to save movement drills until I can post a video for it, as that will save me a lot of typing time, and save you a lot of reading time.  


Today’s WOD builds on the WOD from 11/27/11, and you will be practicing malfunction clearance.  You will use only your support hand again, but you will need one empty magazine  The first step in every dry fire session is safety.  Make sure you unload your pistol, physically check your chamber, press check in good light, look away, press check again.  Put ALL of your ammo and remaining magazines in another room, and properly situate your body armor so you can dry fire at it, over a chair, on a hanger, etc.  One more press check, and double check your magazine to make sure it is empty.  You will need dummy rounds for this WOD.  Double check your dummy rounds to make sure they are in fact, all dummy rounds, and that a loner live round hasn’t invaded.  Take a few seconds to look at your duty gear for something that has an edge you can hook your rear sight on to cycle your slide, your duty belt itself in between gear, the edge of a Taser holster, the front buckle, etc.  Some rear sights provide a more positive “hooking” area than others.  I highly recommend your try several options to see which work best with your pistol.    


Load as many dummy rounds as you have into a magazine.  If you only have one dummy round, put it in a magazine, you will just have to reset after every round.  Insert the magazine with dummies into your pistol, and tuck your gun hand into the small of your back.  Draw your pistol using your support hand, engage the threat and give a smooth trigger pull, click.  First step is to take your finger off the trigger and totally out of the trigger guard, preferably into “Bent C”.  Now smack the bottom of your pistol against something, your thigh, Taser holster, cuff case, hook your rear sight onto something on your duty belt and push down to cycle out the round.   Come back to the threat, concentrate on your front sight, smooth trigger press, smack, rack, back.  Repeat until you cycle out the last dummy round and your slide locks back because the magazine is empty.  


You can now put the pistol back in to your gun hand, remove the magazine, get the slide forward, collect all of your dummy rounds, and get your magazine reloaded.  Get yourself reset, and repeat the above exercise.  Do it enough times so that you do not have to look at your duty belt when you are racking the slide.  If that does not happen today, keep at it and it may happen tomorrow, or the next day, but it will happen.  


Support side firing and manipulating is a skill most Officers have never practiced.  These last two WODs have given you a lot of homework and probably a lot to work on, so it will be a few days before I post the next WOD.  I also don’t want anyone to get so far behind that they give up.  Never leave your swim buddy.




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