Real quick I was thinking about those pistol mounted lights, which i love, but it seems like a new and improved one keeps coming out before i have time to blink. But recently I received an email in regards to a NY copper fatally shooting a man while attempting to turn on his pistol mounted light!!!! Whoops!!! A lot of my friends have the lights but haven't taken the class on how to properly use it. To my surprise I was taught not to use your trigger finger to turn it on! Its for the trigger!!! Use your weak hand index finger, Hello! this is common sense i know Im sorry, but good news to all! I saw that Steamlight is once again coming out with a new pistol mounted light, but this one turns on and off with your grip. Genius I say, Genius! So hopefully no more whoops!

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Comment by David on January 31, 2011 at 8:51pm
I took the course and i guess your supposed to in order to carry it.  If you shoot the way we were taught then your thumb is in that area anyway.  how does that work on the grip if you release the grip or change it?  I normally have a gorilla grip on and don't like to release it.


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