You just drove up on this….WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO???

  • You are 7 to 10 feet from the armed suspect who has the drop on you (weapon up, aiming at you, finger on the trigger) and you are trapped in the front seat of your unit. 
  • Do you stop and exit?
  • Do you put the car in reverse and back out?
  • Do you drive forward and over the suspect?
  • Do you shoot through the vehicle’s windshield?
  • Have you practiced your seated draw?   
  • How do you explain your actions?  
  • Have you practiced this scenario in your head during your “if this happens then I’m going to do this” mental rehearsal training?


     ACT you have to take immediate action to survive.  You have to have all of these questions answered in advance.  The best way to prep for this and any other field encounter is to always remain alert and to always be running your "IF THIS HAPPENS THEN I'M GONNA..." drills in advance. 

     This image is from a real incident.  Call notes: respond to a third shooting incident; a total of four victims have been shot in a crime spree and one is dead.  The shooter remains outstanding; check the area to locate the offender.  The officer drove up and was faced with this. Luckily he lived to serve another day, the suspect was out of bullets.....    

Stay safe, be alert and be prepared……


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Comment by Lawrence Lujan on January 14, 2012 at 9:18pm

Thanks Raul

Comment by Raul on December 29, 2011 at 8:40pm

Considering you have a 2 Ton bullet, Speed up! 

Rehearsal of a situation in your mind before it happens is an advantage, you've already seen the outcome. At least till shit hits the fan.



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