Recently at work I picked up a tactical magazine (forgot name forgive me) where there was an article on WTA. In one picture Karen and someone else are in a laying down position with their backs about 4 inches off the floor weapons drawn as you would shoot if someone knocked u down. I asked one of my range guys how come we never practiced that , response was I dont know why , but we should. I said lets set up some different shooting drills , his response sure as soon as our range is fixed again. So my question is , does anyone know of any ranges where your can practice shooting from different positions. Only range I have ever been to other than my departments I wasnt even allowed to draw from my holster. How are cops suppose to practice if there isnt a range available to us to train properly ?

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Comment by Lisa Brennan on January 23, 2012 at 9:15am
Sorry everyone about the comments not originally posting, i didnt realize i had it on approval first. Kim i am always avail for training benefits of working mids i just adjust my sleep schedule. I hear alot of guys at my dept complain bcuz there is no money in the training budget and why should we have to pay for our own training or dedicate our time. My response is always because there isnt a pricetag on my life, thank u to karen and wta for all the training that you offer.
Comment by Craig Kadinger on January 21, 2012 at 12:31pm
My little sister and I have practiced that. What we did first was to do dry run throughs before we tried live fire. Then the first couple of shots were done at slow speed to make sure we were not shooting any body parts. In real life you would have to factor a hard landing and drawing from your holster on your back. It was not hard to deliver on target shots and you discover the your SBA helps with landing impact. I have seen the refusal to allow this shooting at department ranges. We practiced at the range where we both had memberships. I first saw this shooting position when I attended STREET SURVIVAL...back a few years. Lots of practice, then slow evolution into full speed.
Comment by Kim Heath on January 21, 2012 at 12:03pm

Sadly it comes down to money.  It's easier and cheaper for larger departments to just pay the disability or lawsuit than to pay to train every officer properly, year after year after year.

Comment by Kim Heath on January 21, 2012 at 11:57am

We actually did part of that class at my range.  I don't have any classes scheduled that would cover that this year, but I can put one up.  I have the range reserved on Saturday June 9th with nothing scheduled, but I have to work that day.  We could do a short 3-4 hour class just on positional pistol in the morning, say 9-noon?  Is that a good day for you?

Comment by Karen Bartuch on January 21, 2012 at 10:04am

That is a great question Lisa! and we feel your pain - hence the creation of the WTA!

How can you perform in a life or death situation if you have not been there before at least in training? Which is why we did those various, very different, drills. We did a number of drills that were nothing like anything I have ever done on a range, including the one you mentioned as well as shooting very close to the target (which seems like a simple idea now) to simulate a struggle for your firearm. Again, it felt strange doing it only because I had never done so before. 

Gone are the days (well, at least to the WTA and most other tactical trainers) of standing in a booth and pointing at a paper target when told to do so - that is so unrealistic and causes very bad training scars.

I encourage you to attend some of our upcoming classes, even if you have to travel a bit to do so. Very good question and please keep them coming. 

Comment by Karen Bartuch on January 21, 2012 at 9:53am

Great question Lisa! and you are not alone, we feel your pain - hence the creation of the WTA. How will you be able to perform in a life or death situation if you haven't been there before in training? That was the purpose of that drill and many others that we did in that class including shooting very close to the target to simulate a very close struggle for your gun. I admit that it was very strange at first to shoot in those very foreign positions. And it only felt weird because I had never done it before. To the WTA (and most other serious tactical trainers) gone are the days of standing in a booth and shooting at a paper target - that is so unrealistic and causes very bad training scars. 

The WTA is dedicated to providing the best possible LIFE-SAVING firearms and tactical training available. I encourage you to attend one of our classes and experience the difference. You may have to travel a bit but it is worth it. Thanks for a great question and keep 'em coming!


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