Look Like a Sandwich You Are Gonna Get Eaten.

So I never thought that Ben Affleck would provide any sort of tactical insight but his character, a bank robber, in the movie "The Town" has a great scene. Affleck and his crew are debating taking down an armored vehicle but they are hesitant on one particular driver because he looks like "GI Joe". Affleck says the driver "wears his vest on the outside" and "tucks his pants into his boots." 

A study done by the FBI, titled Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted in the Line of Duty (LEOKA), examines the psychology of offenders and factors that contributed to violent encounters. The study did not identify one single reason for why offenders attack but it did find that offenders often "size" up officers and assess an officer's appearance, build and even the neatness of their uniform when deciding whether to attack or not. The incidents that were studied revealed that the killings often were facilitated by some type of procedural miscue (e.g., an improper approach to a vehicle or loss of control of a situation or individual). This is precisely why investing your own time and money into tactical training can come down to life or death: Are you really up to speed on the latest there is to know? Do you have confidence in your abilities? Are you in good physical condition? Does your uniform fit properly? Is your hair tied up or is it hanging loose? These are questions that you have to ask yourself. As Kyle Lamb would say, "we don't work in the peanut butter factory. Our job is to capture or kill bad guys." 

Many factors are at play when an offender attacks but if you take yourself serious others will take you serious. If you look like a sandwich you are gonna get eaten.

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