I've noticed that every cop carries a knife; I've seen every shape and size, automatic, spring assist, fixed blade, etc. One thing that amazes me is the majority of pocket knives that cops carry have to be turned around before they can be opened.  What sense does that make?  That's okay if it is the knife you use as a tool, but if it is the knife you'll go to when your pistol is out of play, really bad things are happening.  If your Oh $hit knife has to be reversed in your hand before you can open it, check your knife to see if you can reverse the pocket clip, so the knife is properly oriented in your hand for opening when you draw it.  In a life or death situation, do you want to have to be manipulating the knife, when you could already be taking care of business?  I carry an Emerson Commander for my Oh $hit knife because it has that little hook, Wave feature, on the  back side of the blade.  All you have to do is pull it out of your  pocket and it is open, properly oriented, and ready to go.  They are expensive, about $200, but I think it's worth it weight in gold.  I don't have to find a little bitty button to make it open, I don't have to turn it around, or manipulate it any way whatsoever.  You can do something similar with a Spyderco or Benchmade that has the big thumb hole, using a dremel, just take off the top part of the hole until you're left with a hook.  If it's a knife kind of fight, you've only got your thumbs or your kung fu grip to fall back on, so don't you want a knife that is about the fight?  Have you tried getting your knife into play with gloves on or under stress?  Whatever you carry, make sure it works for you and isn't just cool, or it was cheap. It is a tool that may save your life, make sure it works and practice, practice, practice.

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