Building Warrior Women Training Event

LouKa Tactical Training is the only all female-owned and staffed performance improvement company in the United States for emergency service professionals. We have a training staff of 10 women officers with very diverse qualifications including firearms instructors, fitness instructors, tactical team members and instructors, former tactical team commanders, defensive tactics instructors, one is an officer/paramedic/EMT/firefighter/HAZMAT technician, another is a Tai Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu martial artist, others are police cyclist instructor-trainers, one is a former deputy chief and currently a captain for another agency, another a sergeant leading a narcotics squad, field training officers, and most are former competitive college athletes.  Together we have served on over 20 non-profit boards with one being the first female president of that particular organization.  All of us have worked the street as police officers for a cumulative total of 186 years of police service.  We are here to pass along everything and anything we can to help you succeed!

LouKa Tactical offers many classes, however we have developed a "no holds barred" event called "Building Warrior Women."  This training conference/event brings all of our offerings to the table to help women in policing train hard, improve their skills, build confidence, and succeed, in a comfortable, all-female atmosphere. 

The seminar starts in the classroom with a day of high powered 

  • Leadership: Team Building, Role Conflict and Mentoring.

The rest of the conference includes hands-on learning sessions to include:

  • Officer Down: Self Help/Buddy Care and Rescue,
  • Functional Physical fitness and Nutrition for Females,
  • Tactical Shotgun,
  • Defensive and Offensive Tactics for the Smaller Statured Officer,
  • Developmental Marksmanship, and
  • Survival Pistol

This “High Speed-Low Drag” training event has touched, changed, and improved many women in law enforcement.  Sign up for one, two, three, days of your choice, or sign up for the entire conference – whatever fits your schedule best.

Join us at one of three Building Warrior Women training events! 

  • Woodbury, MN June 4-7
  • Dayton, OH  August 27 - 30
  • Springfield, MO  October 1-4

Visit for complete details, prices, and dates, or contact Kathy at

The conference will also be highlighted in the May issue of Law and Order Magazine, be sure to check it out! 

The conference has already been highlighted on check it out here:

Also read the latest article on Female Fitness in the March Issue of Law and Order


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Comment by Karen Bartuch on March 28, 2012 at 9:44am

Looks great ladies! 


GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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