What is going on with Boots? One of the most important things about my uniform which I have spent countless hours researching is the boots I put on my feet every day to hit the streets. I have purchased boots for numerous reasons, because they are waterproof, insulated, have a knife attached, or simply because they look cool. Im am SOOO tired of wasting my time and money. I need something lightweight, durable, and most importantly comfortable. Wish I could wear gym shoes with my uniform but lets be honest it looks ridiculous. I find within my team we unanimously wear the Nike ACG Air Max Giodome boots, its seriously like a gym shoe which I love. I like these boots for the street, but when im training I like a little more rugged boot. I had heard that Nike was coming out with an operator boot and thought it was going to be the cats meow. I eagerly went to try them on and i was very disappointed. They were light weight but the whole tongue part of the boot was a canvas material and surely was not waterproof or by any means warm, so winter wear was out of the question. I figured I would stick to my ACG's, but they were getting so beat up. The stars then aligned and I recently was introduced to the Spider 8.1 Urban SZ by Magnum. Magnum makes a lot of boots but this model is off the hook, I repeat, off..the..hook. Lightweight, movable, offers great support, comfortable. I love the back strap and side zip for easy on and off, and the pocket on the tongue to tuck in the laces so they don't get in the way. And so far, so good! If anyone has any recommendations spread the wealth and let me know!



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Comment by Teresa Heidemann on January 30, 2011 at 5:07pm

officer store boots

Here is a link from where I got mine. hope it helps

Comment by J hi on January 30, 2011 at 2:36pm
Thanks never heard of them i will check em out.
Comment by Teresa Heidemann on January 28, 2011 at 12:14pm
I like the thorogood 6" side-zip dueces. They are waterproof and have a comfy insole. I have high arches and narrow heals and they fit well and are ez to zip on and offf hope it helps


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