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Offering a self awareness webinar - (self defense)

We are offering a one hour webinar on self awareness = self defense tips on December 10th at 6pm.  It is targeting civilian woman who have no training whatsoever.  Any computer with speakers or IPAD will work for listening to the webinar.

If you'd like to share the link, here is how they can sign up.

If you would like to be a presenter on a webinar…


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3 Woman's Only Basic Pistol Classes Scheduled for summer 2012

We have scheduled 3 Womans Only NRA Basic Pistol Class for this summer.  My husband and I will be teaching them. Two of the classes will be held at Gander Mountain on Randall Road in Geneva with the live fire exercise the following day at Aurora Sportsman Club in Waterman.  The third class will be at Camp Tuckabatchee.  The third one (Camp Tuckabatchee) is a fund raiser for them with $50.00 per person of the registration fee going to the camp.  Camp Tuckabatchee is located near Wedron…


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What are your recommendations on a basic class for Civilian women self defense?

I'm looking for some input from you guys.   Rich and I are now certified NRA Basic Pistol Instructors.  I am a Refuse to Be A Victim and Pepper Spray instructor.  I'd like to add a very basic class on physical tactics to get away to our offerings of classes.  This would be a civilian class of course.  I have taken a RAD class myself, like it and considered becoming an instructor.  I've been told that it gives woman a false security, that could be dangerous.  Do you agree?

Lastly I…


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First Steps Pistol Class this Sunday - Sycamore - New Shooters Class - Civilian

I have an opening for one person for a First Steps Pistol Class this Sunday, October 30th.  Classroom will be from 9am to noon.  Then we will go to the Sycamore Shooting Range (outdoor) weather permitting and practice what we have learned.  

NRA First Steps is designed for the brand new shooter who just purchased or is thinking of purchasing a firearm. They do NOT need a FOID card.  Cost for the class is $90.00 plus $10.00 range fee.  No firearms necessary - we will provide…


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Civilian tips - restroom safety

Many of you are law enforcement officers and I welcome any input you can add to this article.  We are starting to teach both the pepper spray class and Refuse to Be A Victim classes.  This article is one that I will be sending to the news media in the Kane County area.    If you have tips that you feel I should add to this, please feel free to comment.  We would love your input.  Here is the "press release for next week"

Restroom Awareness…


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NEW XD5.25 competition - what kind of shotgun for 3 gun competition shooting ?

So excited to have received my new XD 5.25  9mm.  I recently completed the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor class and qualifying in the shooting was my biggest concern.  This new gun (And Kim Heath's) class made it easy.    I think I'm hooked on this sport since I now have, 4 Springfield 9mm. 

Looking forward to a basic rifle class in the spring.   I just purchased an AR and I really need some very basic training on it.


I want to purchase a shotgun for 3 gun.  Any suggestions…


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GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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