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11/16/11 WOD

Today is a catch up day.  I'm sure everyone read the WODs and thought about doing them, thought it would be good practice, maybe did 5 or 6 repetitions as you got ready for work, did a lot of mental reps, but some of you may be a little bit lacking in actual reps, so here is your chance to get a little bit closer to caught up.  Working out for the gun show is a lot like working out for "The Gun Show".  Once you get a little bit behind, it is very easy to get a whole lot behind.…


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11/14/11 WOD

Read WOD 11/10/11.  11/14/11 WOD starts the same as 11/10, make sure your pistol is unloaded, press check, press check again, and if you dry fire during this exercise, please do so into body armor hanging on a chair, or similar arrangement.  Draw pistol, establish grip in holster, as you clear the holster, drop into a one knee, kneeling position, scan/assess appropriately before standing up, reholster.  Repeat 20X.

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11/12/11 WTA WOD

11/12/11 WOD is the same as 11/10/11, except, you have to do it using only your support hand.  If you cannot reach the holster, time to make some lifestyle changes.  If you can almost reach it, practice pulling your belt around a little bit, get the holster in front of your hip a little if you can, that should help.  

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11/10/11 WTA WOD

WTA WOD for 11/10/11 is 20 pistol presentations from the holster. Put your duty rig on, yes you can do this in just your drawers and boots if you so desire, unload your pistol and put all ammo/mags in the other room. Begin in whatever stance you usually find yourself in, unsecure the pistol and get a good grip in the holster, high on the tang, draw, present the pistol, focus on front sight, follow bad guy down to ground, scan your 360, reholster. This exercise is about getting the pistol out of… Continue

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Only 3 days left for the Triple Aught Design code.

I ordered my Valkyrie today, I'm really looking forward to getting it since it has gotten downright cold out the last couple of days.  Here a few quick pics I snapped of the Valkyrie LT.  Very low-key appearance, flattering cut.  I also threw on the TAD pants too, Force 10s, very practical for range time.  The cargo pockets are big and can carry a lot of stuff.  I love the…


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Women's 5.11 Tactical Pants on sale has Women's 5.11 pants on sale for $14.96.  Lots of colors and sizes in stock.

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Get fit for fall, so far.

I had an extremely interesting conversation with Daina during lunch at the free ballistic shield class by Diamondback Tactical this past spring.  The thing that was so interesting about it was we didn't just talk about chocolate and ice cream, what most of my food conversations entail, but it was about how food works, and it started to make sense.  It was shortly after that, my mom had stopped eating wheat gluten because of digestive issues.  Not only did her gut feel better, but her…


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Fall/Winter Training.

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this incredible fall weather we're having.  I'm going to start putting together some dates for fall and winter pistol and rifle classes for the Law Enforcement members of the group, at my range in Will County, and I need to know what you want to do.  I don't want to put on a class for A, if you guys want to learn B, so let me know what you need.  Also, would you prefer shorter 4 hour classes or stick to the standard 8 hour?  If you prefer a 4…


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Raffle prize.

Got a box of awesomeness from ITS Tactical today for the raffle.  Included was a t-shirt, men's large, a ETA Basic Kit, and some schwag.  Tickets are $5!  Still a bargain at twice the price.

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Class description oversight.

The class descriptions I had written for the pistol and rifle classes coming up did not specify that they are for LE only, not by my doing, but as are the rules for the ranges we'll be using.  I apologize for the oversight and will make appropriate refunds if applicable. 


Now that we have non-LE members, please take a minute to send me an email  and let me know what kind of training/instruction you would like and on which weapon systems.  If you guys are…


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Raffle items!

Triple Aught Design has donated a couple of items for our upcoming raffle...a Valkyrie Hoodie LT and an Artemis Hoodie.  I have their pants and a Valkyrie Hoodie and it is made in America goodness.  Check out their…


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NPRC pictures are posted!

Click here to view the NPRC photos.  You might see someone you recognize around #5 and #36.  The pictures will make my descriptions a little clearer.  There's only about 345 days left to train for NPRC 2012.  Who's in?

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Updated info for Product Testers.

To everyone who has submitted their information to me to be a part of the product testing program...if you change any of your contact info, please update me.

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2011 National Patrol Rifle Championship

In Commerce Township, Michigan there is an excellent place called the Multi-Lakes Conservation Association.  They have been hosting the competition portion of the National Patrol Rifle Championship, which I have attended the last two years.  The competition and conference is put on by Centermass, Inc. and runs like a well-oiled machine.


If you register the night before, you can get the course of fire booklet at that time and see what the next…


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National Patrol Rifle Championship

The National Patrol Rifle Championship was yesterday, June 5th, and it was a great time.  The courses of fire were very challenging, but as always, they present an excellent learning opportunity for shooters of all skill levels.  Everyone had a lot of fun, regardless of their final standings.  Stand by for a full review.

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223 ammo.

Where is everybody buying .223 these days? Looking for a good price from a reputable vendor.

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Ann Schlitz

I'm looking for Ann Schlitz.  I need your info for the product tester database and I have a couple of questions regarding the Revision product test.  Could you email me please?  Thanks.  Kim

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Available range for September in Western to Northern suburbs.

I'm looking for a Department range in the Western to Northern suburbs, not too far North as I'm coming from Joliet, to use for my Women's Shooting Skills class.  It is an 8 hour class, approximately 2 hours are classroom and 6 hours shooting.  I need a classroom close to the range, preferable available for the whole day.  If it is an indoor range, it needs to be able to accommodate at least 8 shooters at once.  If it is an outdoor range, I'll need some type of shelter for instruction in a dry… Continue

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Revision Evaluation.

For those of you that got in on the Revision Eyewear test, don't forget your evaluations, with measurements and optional photos, are due on their website by March 9th.  Thanks everyone!


Kim Heath

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New Members.

If you recently became a member of the WTA and would be interested in our Member Testing Program, just go to the Membership tab, pay your $40 annual fee, then email me at to become a part of our new program.  Click the "Member Testing Program" for more information.  Thanks, Kim Heath

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GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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