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WOD 11/29/11

WOD 11/29/11


I have decided to save movement drills until I can post a video for it, as that will save me a lot of typing time, and save you a lot of reading time.  


Today’s WOD builds on the WOD from 11/27/11, and you will be practicing malfunction clearance.  You will use only your support hand again, but you will need one empty magazine  The first step in every dry fire session is safety.  Make sure…


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WOD 11/27/11

Hello everyone, I hope your Holiday season is off to a happy start.  For the next WOD, I wanted to post a couple short videos to quickly explain it and make it easier for those of you who have never practiced this skill, but my cell phone camera and my MacBook are refusing to speak the same language they both spoke a month ago.  I also figured most of you would not miss a WOD this week with everything else going on family/Holiday/work wise.  


This WOD focuses on drawing and…


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11/22/11 WOD will be a day late.

Sorry, everyone, didn't get pictures taken for today's WOD, will have to wait until to tomorrow.  It will focus on drawing with your non-gun hand.



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11/20/11 WOD

11/20/11 WOD, put on your duty gear, unload pistol, and put all ammo in another room.  Lock your slide back and stick your finger in the chamber, physically check for an empty chamber, look away, press check, look away, press check one more time.  Please do not just rack the slide several times and hope your extractor is working properly.  Prop up your body armor in a chair, hang it over a door, somehow position it so you can efficiently point your muzzle at it and dry fire.…


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11/18/11 WOD

11/18/11 WOD starts just like 11/10/11, unload pistol and put all ammo and magazines in another room.  Lock your slide back, stick your finger in the chamber, press check, press check again.  Begin from standing, draw pistol and at the same time drop into a prone position that is narrow, no knees or elbows sticking out for the bad guy to shoot off.  If it is awkward, or takes some wiggling around once you get prone, then keep wiggling and find a good stable position.  Next, check your 360,…


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LAPG Operator pants, 32x30, free to good home.

I have come across two LA Police Gear Operator Pants, 32x30, they are new, coyote brown, and are free to a good home, you pay shipping.  I think they're the Operator Pant, check out LAPG's website for more info.  If you are interested, email me at



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11/16/11 WOD

Today is a catch up day.  I'm sure everyone read the WODs and thought about doing them, thought it would be good practice, maybe did 5 or 6 repetitions as you got ready for work, did a lot of mental reps, but some of you may be a little bit lacking in actual reps, so here is your chance to get a little bit closer to caught up.  Working out for the gun show is a lot like working out for "The Gun Show".  Once you get a little bit behind, it is very easy to get a whole lot behind.…


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11/14/11 WOD

Read WOD 11/10/11.  11/14/11 WOD starts the same as 11/10, make sure your pistol is unloaded, press check, press check again, and if you dry fire during this exercise, please do so into body armor hanging on a chair, or similar arrangement.  Draw pistol, establish grip in holster, as you clear the holster, drop into a one knee, kneeling position, scan/assess appropriately before standing up, reholster.  Repeat 20X.

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11/12/11 WTA WOD

11/12/11 WOD is the same as 11/10/11, except, you have to do it using only your support hand.  If you cannot reach the holster, time to make some lifestyle changes.  If you can almost reach it, practice pulling your belt around a little bit, get the holster in front of your hip a little if you can, that should help.  

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11/10/11 WTA WOD

WTA WOD for 11/10/11 is 20 pistol presentations from the holster. Put your duty rig on, yes you can do this in just your drawers and boots if you so desire, unload your pistol and put all ammo/mags in the other room. Begin in whatever stance you usually find yourself in, unsecure the pistol and get a good grip in the holster, high on the tang, draw, present the pistol, focus on front sight, follow bad guy down to ground, scan your 360, reholster. This exercise is about getting the pistol out of… Continue

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GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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