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Must Read for Police re: ammunition cycling.

Our friends over at Bolo Report recently posted this article about the dangers of repeated chambering of the same bullet(s).  If you routinely unload and reload a firearm, as most cops do, this is good information to have.

Have you dry fired today?


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48 Deputies laid off

Hi everyone!  My name is Jo Donner and I'm a Deputy with Milwaukee County.  On February 6th, 48 of my brothers and sisters were laid off!  This has been a political battle that has been going on for a couple of months, but rather that get into everything that is wrong with that, I'm here to ask for your help. 

I'd first like to tell you about those deputies who have been laid off.  They have a minimum of 8 years on the job, most with 10 and 11.  They are NOT new hires, but rather…


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There is a New Running Shoe in Town: Women’s UA Charge RC Running Shoe

I admit it; I had a prejudice - a prejudice against running shoes. I only wore Nike. I had previously tried all other brands: Adidas, New Balance, Saucony - you name it, I had owned it at one point. For the longest time, Nike was the most comfortable and best choice for my super sweaty “grandma” feet (no offense against grandmas – I love grandmas).




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Tactical Medicine

QUESTION: How many WTA members on here carry any medical equipment on their duty belt or body armor, such as an IFAK (individual first aid kit), or even just a tourniquet when out in the field?

Hello WTA members,

As a board certified physician in Emergency Medicine with a growing interest in Tactical Medicine, I would like to get an idea of how many of you can initiate self care in the field if needed?

I recently completed a two week course in tactical medicine given by…


Added by Frances Lawson on February 5, 2012 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

Lipstick Bullet Tees

These tees are ONLY available until 01 Feb 2012! THEY WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERED AFTER THAT DATE. You can order yours here:


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Question ref Training

Recently at work I picked up a tactical magazine (forgot name forgive me) where there was an article on WTA. In one picture Karen and someone else are in a laying down position with their backs about 4 inches off the floor weapons drawn as you would shoot if someone knocked u down. I asked one of my range guys how come we never practiced that , response was I dont know why , but we should. I said lets set up some different shooting drills , his response sure as soon as our range is fixed…


Added by Lisa Brennan on January 21, 2012 at 3:01am — 6 Comments

Deb Robinson: Woman Marine, Wrestling Coach, Investigator, Mother, Pioneer.

As much as I love the WTA for allowing me to shoot regularly, bust down doors and occasionally blow things up; I love it most because of the people I get to meet. One woman in particular really stands out: Deb Robinson. I had the pleasure of meeting Deb in November 2010 at 5.11’s women’s product development meeting.

For the last 20 years Deb has been an Infant Death…


Added by Karen Bartuch on January 8, 2012 at 7:43pm — 2 Comments

WOD 11/27/11

Hello everyone, I hope your Holiday season is off to a happy start.  For the next WOD, I wanted to post a couple short videos to quickly explain it and make it easier for those of you who have never practiced this skill, but my cell phone camera and my MacBook are refusing to speak the same language they both spoke a month ago.  I also figured most of you would not miss a WOD this week with everything else going on family/Holiday/work wise.  


This WOD focuses on drawing and…


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WTA Get Fit For Fall Challenge

Normally we are all scrambling as summer approaches to have our best beach bikini bodies. When Fall weather hits, it is easy to forget about eating healthy and procrastinate on those workouts, since we are adding extra layers of clothes and swimsuits are tucked away never to be seen again for a few months. Then the holidays hit and forget…


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Happy Second Birthday WTA!

As I sit here on the eve of the second birthday of the WTA, mulling over the last two years, I feel a tad emotional (if you know me, this is truly uncharacteristic). I believe it is emotion stemming from an unbridled passion for what the WTA and organizations…


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Pistol Marksmanship Class

This past Saturday, Feb 26th, I attended the 8 hour pistol class taught by Jack Manfre.  It was the first WTA training event I have attended.  I am really good at finding an excuse -usually my family- for not going to any kind of training that involves spending my time and my money.  The WTA email for this one grabbed my attention because of the instructor.  About 5 years ago, Karen and I attended a similiar class taught by Jack.  I left the class knowing I was a better shooter and feeling…


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CRACKING THE CHICAGO CODE Interview with Detective John Folino, Technical Advisor on THE CHICAGO CODE

Philanthropy has its benefits, well at least for Chicago Police Detective (and WTA member!) John Folino, who landed the job of Technical Advisor on The Chicago Code after successfully bidding on a silent auction prize at a fundraising event for Officer Michael Gordon. Folino, a 12 year veteran of the CPD, currently a homicide detective assigned to Area 5, discusses…


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I've noticed that every cop carries a knife; I've seen every shape and size, automatic, spring assist, fixed blade, etc. One thing that amazes me is the majority of pocket knives that cops carry have to be turned around before they can be opened.  What sense does that make?  That's okay if it is the knife you use as a tool, but if it is the knife you'll go to when your pistol is out of play, really bad things are happening.  If your Oh $hit knife has to be reversed in your hand before you can… Continue

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Hello out there in WTA land.  I'm teaching my Shooting Skills for the woman officer again on March 17th through NEMRT at the Flossmoor range.  It is a women's only class, taught by myself and Jeff Ch…

Hello out there in WTA land.  I'm teaching my Shooting Skills for the woman officer again on March 17th through NEMRT at the Flossmoor range.  It is a women's only class, taught by myself and Jeff Chudwin.  The goal of the class it to get the students to begin the transition from what you learned at the academy, how to put holes in paper, to learning how to fight with your pistol.  It is a basic 8 hour class that starts… Continue

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Join TEAM CPD at the 2011 Shamrock Shuffle to honor our Fallen Officers and Firemen!


Happy New Year to everyone!

Start out 2011 on the right foot by joining TEAM CPD at the 2011 Shamrock Shuffle on 10 April AND the Run To Remember on 30 April. ANYONE can join TEAM CPD, walkers or runners! The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation will receive all of the money raised by our team at these two events. This year we will be honoring our 6 fallen Police Officers and 3 Firemen. Everyone will receive a NIKE technical t-shirt and there will be group training and fun runs…


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Off the hook flashlight

Recently I purchased ANOTHER flashlight, how many flashlights can one girl have?! It was the Inforce Energy Color Police LED. This flashlight is off the hook! The newest trend I was seeing on the street was the strobe feature, but the Inforce was a step up, the Inforce stood out to me for its multiple light functions. It has an output of 225 lumens, monetary or constant on, but the best feature was the…


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Look Like a Sandwich You Are Gonna Get Eaten.

So I never thought that Ben Affleck would provide any sort of tactical insight but his character, a bank robber, in the movie "The Town" has a great scene. Affleck and his crew are debating taking down an armored vehicle but they are hesitant on one particular driver because he looks like "GI Joe". Affleck says the driver "wears his vest on the outside" and "tucks his pants into his boots." 

A study done by the FBI, titled Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted in the Line… Continue

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GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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