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Don't Just Do...Become by Deane Marrs

Don’t Just Do …. BECOME

Training without focus is not training                                                                                                    

September 7, 2016        |         By Deane R. Marrs        


During a recent church homily, our priest said a…


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Groundhog Day and The Big Picture

A close friend of mine asked me to proof read an email the other day.  It was an email that was much like many other emails he has written, but what made this one different for me, was that it made me ask an all important question.  Why does this circle of people keep repeating this particular conversation?  It was as though they were trying to convince each other things they already knew, things that are held to be truths amongst our professional and personal circles.  I finally…


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Women's Woolrich Elite Low Rise Tactical Pants only $39.99!

The folks at Rogue Elite reached out recently and are offering women's Woolrich Elite Low Rise pants to WTA members for $39.99.  That's $20 off the regular price of $59.99.  Check out Rogueelite.net and enter coupon code LOW20 at checkout.  Rogue Elite has an $8 flat shipping fee to the lower 48 states, and free shipping on all orders over $150 to the lower 48 as well. There is no…


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Henk Iverson Advanced Concealed Carry class October 25, 26, 2013

Henk Iverson's Advanced Concealed Carry class incorporated elements from four of his six CQB Pistol levels, only the idea was that you were using your EDC pistol and were drawing from concealment.  It was cold out those two days, which was a good learning experience.  Drawing from concealment with multiple layers on in cold weather is something most people that carry concealed…


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The much maligned “Sul” position - by John Marrs

Ever since it hit the scene, the Sul position has evoked impassioned arguments either for or against it.  Ask a room full of tactical types what they think about it and the responses for and against will be given with almost a religious zeal.  It kind of reminds me of the 9mm vs. 45acp debates of old.

Most people I’ve spoken to who are opposed to using Sul have a misunderstanding of what it is. They demean it as not being a good ready…


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Tracking Class with Greenside Training, LLC

This past May, I was invited to attend a tracking class by my friend Dave Reeder.  It was going to be held near Phoenix, Arizona and taught by a gentleman named Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training, LLC.  I’ve never tracked, I’ve never been to Arizona, I love heat, and can think of several bad guys who got away over the years because there’s never a witness when you need one, and I had no idea which way they went.…


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Benchmade MIL/LE discount.

Hello everyone in WTA land.  I recently received an email from Benchmade reminding me that Military, Law Enforcement, first responders, etc., get a standing 30% discount with Benchmade.  Just set up an account(No charge, no minimum) and you will receive the discount.  Excellent news for Christmas shopping for the woman who has everything.  



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Revision Discount Code.

Revision Eyewear has a 30% discount code for EVERYONE!  Just enter "tactical" in the coupon area at checkout and receive the discount.  Please pass this info onto your friends/family/coworkers/etc.  They have also redesigned the Sawfly to better fit small faces.  I have a nice flyer from them promoting…


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2013 Miami-Dade Police Department Specialized Training Calander Released!


Good Morning Ladies!


Below you will find a link to the 2013 Calander of Specialized Training that my department offers! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via my email or send me a message here on WTA. My emial is bcgonzalez@mdpd.com




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Oslo Norway Active Shooter/Bombing Presentation - 16 Oct 12

On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012, the Illinois Tactical Officers Association, in conjunction with the Cook County Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, hosted personnel who responded to the bombing/active shooter incidents in Oslo, Norway and Utoya Island on 22 July 2011.  Attendees were comprised of members of many different branches of Illinois law enforcement.  Members of the National Guard were also in attendance, as well as police officers from other…


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"What Women Want" on Officer.com

I'd love to hear some feedback from WTA members!

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Tic Toc Tactical's Intro to Rifle Course

This past weekend, Tic Toc Tactical extended an invitation to members of the WTA for a one day version of their Intro to Rifle Course. It was held at Darnell's Range in Bloomington, Il and turned out to be well worth the drive.

I thought we would be zeroing our rifles while laying in puddles of rain, but the gods of war smiled upon us and the weather cleared and the lesson that it may be the rifle that shoots the zero, but it is the shooter that shoots the grouping was… Continue

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WTA Member, Detective Jennifer DePastors, Hunts Down One of “The World’s Most Wanted”

Des Plaines PD Detective Jennifer DePastors talks about her career in law enforcement and a case she has been working since 1999 - a case of a brutal rape and homicide where the offender still walks free – in the streets of Chicago. America's Most Wanted has stepped in to help find this a-hole.

Read about Detective DePastor's personal journey and her…


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Arizona Online News Outlet Uses "Lawmen" in Headline

Is anyone else a little bothered by this headline? 

"Tucson police, Pima Sheriff hiring lawmen"


I'm a part time resident of Tucson, and I received this article today in my email. I was never particularly offended when I was called a…


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National Patrol Rifle Championship

Seven days until the NPRC!  WOWs will resume in mid-June.  I'll be doing some gear write-ups of new stuff I'm trying out there, look for that in late June.  

Any other WTA members going?  First 10 people to stop and say "Nanoo, Nanoo" get a free Sniper girl patch!


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Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course

WTA Members,

I have several slots available for a Combat Lifesaver course held in Springfield June 18 - 20, 2012.  The CLS is an advanced …

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Sniper Girl Patches have landed!

Get your super cool, dark, subdued embroidered Sniper Girl patch!  $8 each, which includes shipping!  They are 3.5"x1.75", black and grey background, tan and brown on the Sniper Girl, hook velcro on the back.  The picture doesn't quite match the real colors, but it's pretty close.  

You can mail a money order, made out to: Kim Heath, P.O. Box 282, Elwood, IL…


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Own Those Effin' Pull-ups, Woman!

Reposted from www.BoloReport.com

Unless you are Starla from Napoleon Dynamite, pull-ups pretty much suck for women. My original plan for this installment of Fight Like a Girl was to research the anatomical differences that account for the upper body strength disparities among men and women but then I though…who gives a crap? If you are a police officer, the bad guy certainly doesn’t care if you stand up or sit down when…


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It's a Knife Kind of Day By Kim Heath

Blog reposted from BOLOREPORT.com:

I used to work in an outdoor gear store that sold knives and I became particularly fond of a piece by William Henry.  It had a carbon fiber handle that fit my hand well, and a blade that was razor sharp.  The shape of the blade was a little bit wider than normal.  It could cut me out of most anything I’d get…


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One Soldier’s Ability to Adapt and Overcome

Although he is most famous for shaking his bum on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars; J. R. Martinez is much more than a dancer. He spoke at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas on Feb. 21.; I was honored to hear his story firsthand. As the entire audience hung on his every word, J.R. laughed and joked about the deepest darkest times in his life and how helping others helped to save…


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GREAT Women's Tac Pants!


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